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STANDARD INCLUSIONS for New Home Builds as of DECEMBER 2021


What some of our most recent clients had to say!

“My partner and I are very pleased with Guardian Master Builders did for us. They went above and beyond from before we signed the contract right up until the end. Both Alan and Christopher were always happy to answer my questions. I have recommended my family to build with them too. This was my first home and in all honesty from what others told me, I thought it was going to be a nightmare. Fortunately, I met these guys. The house turned out magnificent, we are super happy with it. From my family and I, a great big Thank you!” – Zak Vidal (Yarrabilba Queensland)

“The entire team at Guardian Master Builders were great to deal with from start to finish. Both Chris (Director) and Alan ( the Site Supervisor) are very professional, helpful, approachable & understanding. We were so happy with our decision to build with them and our finished product is incredible! They worked with us to make all the changes we wanted, the process was stress free and ran fairy smoothly too. We are very happy with what we’ve got, and just in time for Christmas too. Great result all round. Thanks so much.” – Saeed Ulah Karnal  (Kuraby Queensland)

Here is a list of the personally chosen items to be included in your new home build. Any variations not on this list will be considered as upgrades and be charged accordingly.



  • The client is responsible to provide clear and unobstructed site access. This includes the clearing and removal of any waste, long grass, shrubs, and trees where necessary etc.
  • The client is responsible for clear and unobstructed site access for the entirety of the corks program suitable to allow plant, equipment and all other relevant machinery required for construction purposes. Should such access not be available, the Principal Contractor without the client prior approval, affect necessary scope of work at additional expense and liability to the client.
  • The contract requires that house water supply will be available from an existing main of the local authority within one meter prior to commencement of construction. This contract requires client to provide for 240-volt power connection being supplied prior to and during the construction of the dwelling. The client must provide Guardian Master Builders with account details of the preferred energy provider prior to commencement of site works.
  • No allowance has been made for the excavation of rock or any unsuitable material as determined solely by the builder. The client may incur extra costs including but not limited to machine hire, labour an extra material should rock or unsuitable material be encountered.
  • No allowance has been made for Development Approvals or Council Relaxations or any other approvals of compliance matters not specifically detailed in this document.
  • No allowance has been made for Bush Fire Attack Level construction

Council and Regulatory requirements

  • Provide council fees include all regulatory requirements, Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) levy’s an insurance’s, Queensland portable long service leave payments, building and construction training levy, sewage plan design fee (if required), design flood level and bushfire attack level searches, Energy Efficiency report to meet 6 star rating requirements, building approval, plumbing approval and inspection fees.

Pre- Construction

  • QBCC home warranty insurance
  • QBCC fixed price contract
  • Plans and specifications
  • Engineers soil report and slab design
  • Personalised colour selection with a GMB colour consultant

Site works, foundations & connections

  • Site scrape and/ or balanced cut and fill excavation for up to 500 millimetres overall site fall over the building platform
  • Waffle pod concrete slab up to S soil classification
  • Termite treatment to slab penetrations (as required)
  • Sewer and stormwater Connections to existing serviceable connexion points up to 10 metres
  • Surface drains including dictated storm water line
  • Electrical mains run in up to 10 metres water connexion from pre-tapped water main
  • House constructed for wind rating up to N2 maximum

Energy Efficiency

  • Sisalation wall wrap to external stud wall. No allowance for in-wall insulation
  • Anti-con 60mm blanket applied under roof sheeting
  • Energy efficient aluminum windows and sliding door units supplied by Bradnams or equivalent
  • Water saving shower heads and tap ware (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 250L Electric storage hot water system (refer to GMB standard inclusions)

 Standard External Features


  • Extensive range of PGH or Austral double height face bricks from Standard Guardian range
  • Natural grey mortar with rolled joints

Frames & Trusses

  • Steel wall frames and roof trusses at 22.5 degree (maximum) roof pitch

Roof & Windows

  • Color bond roof, fascia, gutter, choice of colors from the colorbond standard range or equivalent
  • Powder coated aluminum windows and sliding doors with clear glass or equivalent
  • Keyed window locks to all opening window sashes and sliding doors
  • PVC painted downpipes to match selected Colorbond colour or brick color choice


  • Panel lift door with auto opener, one wall mounted button and two handsets, choice from GMB standard color range

Exterior doors

  • Painted front entry hinged door – Corinthian (refer to GMB standard inclusions) clear glazing
  • Front door hardware – Corinthian Combination Entrance Set (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Door Hardware to Laundry and/or Garage pedestrian door – (refer to GMB standard inclusions)


  • Feature contrasting external painting color (if required) as per working drawing
  • Two coasts of Taubmans paint system external trim and doors (or equivalent)

Driveway and other items

  • External plain exposed aggregate concrete to driveway maximum 45m2
  • Site clean after construction
  • Two water taps (one to the front and one to the rear of the home)

Electrical External

  • Earth leakage safety switch and circuit Breakers
  • Single phase underground power connection from existing supply point at front boundary of the property

Standard Internal Features

  • 2550mm nominal ceiling height
  • Internal builders house clean

Doors and Other

  • Corinthian 2040mm X 820mm flush panel painted internal hinged doors
  • lever handles in satin Chrome finish to hinged internal doors (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Civic mirror sliding doors to all built-in robes
  • One bank of drawers two WIR
  • White Melamina shelving to pantry (4 shelves), linen (2 shelves) and robes (1 shelf and 1 hanging rod)
  • 90MM painted covered cornice, 42mm painted square architraves and 66mm painted square skirtings


  • Two coats to ceiling to standard specifications
  • Three coat internal paint system – 2 colours (one colour to walls and one colour to timberwork)

Kitchen Features

  • Laminate finish cabinetry (option of white only 2 pac) with standard 20mm stone bench top
  • Plasterboard and corners to bulkheads built in above cupboards
  • Benchtops 20mm reconstituted stone choice from guardian standard range
  • Freestanding stainless-steel dishwasher with cold water connection and single power point (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Microwave space to cabinetry provision for future microwave with pot draw underneath and single power point
  • Undermount double kitchen sink 780mm X 455mm (approx.) (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Cold water tap to refrigerator space

For homes <170m2

  • 60cm, 4 zone touch control ceramic cook top (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 60cm electrical oven with 5 functions, push button programmable clock and knob control (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 60CM front recirculating canopy rangehood (refer to GMB standard inclusions)

For homes >170m2

  • 90cm 4 zone ceramic cook top with touch control (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 90cm electric oven – 8 functions and removable side racks (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 90cm canopy rangehood (refer to GMB standard inclusions)

Bathroom and Toilet features

  • Polymarble top single basin vanity with 32mm waster with overflow
  • Pencil edge flat mirror
  • Freestanding bath 1500mm (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Basin Mixer with spout (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Sliding rail shower and wall mixer (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 2 sided semi frameless shower with polished silver frame
  • Toilet roll holder (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Hand towel rail 235mm (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Close coupled toilet suite (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 100mm Square tile insert grate with puddle flange where required (refer to GMB standard inclusions)

Ensuite Feature

  • Polymarble top 1500mmx460mm double basin with 32mm waster with overflow (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Pencil edge flat mirror
  • 2 sided semi frameless shower with polished silver frame
  • Basin Mixer with spout (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Sliding rail shower and wall mixer (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Toilet roll holder (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Hand towel rail (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Close coupled toilet suite (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 100mm Square tile insert grate with puddle flange where required (refer to GMB standard inclusions)


  • 600mm x 600mm Porcelain or Ceramic tiles in gloss or Matt finish to Main floor and Alfresco area to be chosen from Guardian Range (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Floor to ceiling tiling to all other walls in bathroom and ensuite (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Powder room or separate toilet skirting tile to match tiled floor
  • Kitchen splash back 600mm x 600mm as per standard plan
  • Water closet and laundry floors, splash back over tub and skirting tiles as per standard plan
  • No allowance has been made for freeze or decorator tiles
  • No allowance has been made for laying of border tiles 45-degree patterns of floor feature tile layouts


  • Carpet to be selected from the Guardian range including standard 10mm foam underlay (refer working drawings)

Laundry features

  • Bench line stainless steel tub with slim sink mixer (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Washing machine mini stops with pin handle (pair) (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 100mm square tile insert grate with puddle flange where required (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • Laminate base cupboards including 2 base cupboards, 2 overhead cupboards
  • Benchtops 20mm reconstituted stone bench tops, choice from Guardian standard range

Electrical Internal

  • White Clipsal one single power point to microwave provision
  • White Clipsal one single power point to refrigerator provision
  • White Clipsal two double power point to kitchen
  • White Clipsal two double power point to each bedroom
  • White Clipsal one double power point to each area – dinning, lounge, media. (Refer to plan)
  • White Clipsal 1 double PowerPoint to washing machine and dryer provision
  • White Clipsal 1 double PowerPoint to laundry wall
  • White brilliant down lights, 4 x main bedroom, 6 x main dining and lounge area, 3 x kitchen, 1 x foyer and hallway, 1 x alcove, 1 x laundry (refer to plan)
  • White Davis single fluorescent batten to garage
  • Two of the brush Chrome cylinder shadow up/ down lights to front façade
  • External white brilliant downlight to entry portico
  • External white brilliant downlight to under eave in laundry and garage pedestrian door
  • Bayside calypso 48 3 blades fan, 1 X main bedroom, 1 X main dining and lounge area, media room (if applicable), 1 x alfresco
  • Bayside calypso 48 3 blades fan with light to remaining bedrooms
  • White calypso photoelectric smoke alarms, 1 x each bedroom, 1 x main dining and lounge area, 1 x media room if applicable, 1 x hallway to code standard
  • NBN lead in conduit including 1 data point and double PowerPoint, and 1 data point to living area
  • White Clipsal data outlet X 2 and white Clipsal TV outlet x 3 (refer to design)
  • White 3 in 1 to bathroom and ensuite
  • 1 roof mounted digital compatible TV antenna (if required)
  • 6kw split system for main bedroom (refer to GMB standard inclusions)
  • 5kw split system for main lounge area (refer to GMB standard inclusions)


  • 12-month maintenance
  • Statutory structural guarantee
  • Builders’ lifetime structural guarantee subject to terms and conditions

Facade Themes

Please note that their additional charges incurred depending on what facade option you choose:

(Subject to design guidelines and building covenants)

Where to from here with your GUARDIAN MASTER BUILDERS journey….

Now that your estimate is complete and ready for you to view and adjust if required….

Step 2 will be to sign a New Home Build contract with Guardian Master Builders when you have finalised the inclusions on your estimate.

Step 3 The enjoyable part, your appointments will be organised for you to spend time with Claire our dedicated Colour Consultant, for all the flooring, paint, and external colours. Also, an appointment with Harvey Norman commercial will be allocated for the appliance and hardware choices. Colour and appliance meetings FUNNN! Not as fun as the interior designing, but just as important Guardian master builders will be completing the following at the same time soil tests, BA drawings, engineering, council, and estate approvals.

Step 4 The construction will start once all the other items has been completed and been through the approval stages. In construction there are 5 important stages;

  1. Base/Slab stage
  2. Framing stage
  3. Enclosed stage
  4. Fixing stage
  5. Practical completion stage

Step 5 This is when the house becomes your new HOME after we have received the completion certificates, we will then meet you at the property location to Welcome you into your new home.

Although your new home is now in your hands you have a 12-month period to contact Guardian Master Builder on ([email protected]) anytime if you need any maintenance that is covered by Guardian Master Builder warranty.

Standard terms & Conditions

  1. This estimate is subject to receiving current disclosure, contour survey and building setback requirements from the landowner.
  2. This estimate is only valid for twenty one days from date of issue.
  3. The owners will be responsible for additional costs and delays if Guardian Master Builders need to apply for a relaxation on the lot required by the relevant local council. Allowance only to build to council regulatory boundary setback, anything outside this requirement will require a relaxation.
  4. The estimate is based on a sketch provided by client an (insert date here) or insert our house design details.
  5. This site plans and estimate have been completed based on information provided on the disclosure plan, with site investigation yet to be completed. The site plan and tender will be reviewed upon receipt of the Contra survey and costing will be adjusted, as necessary.
  6. The owner is responsible to provide a copy of the land registration notice as soon as it has been registered.
  7. the site plan and estimate will be reviewed upon receipt of the registered RP/ SP and costing will be adjusted as required
  8. The site-specific bushfire and acoustic requirements (if applicable) will be confirmed upon registration of the land RP/ SP, and will be costed when the exact requirements are known.
  9. The owner is responsible to arrange a property survey to reinstate boundary pegs if required, including the payment of all associated fees.
  10. The owner is responsible to provide an approved standard connexion point for all services to site prior to the commencement of construction note any additional costs relating to actual location and type of service connexion points on site will be charged to the owner by way of post contract variation.
  11. The estimate and site plan are subject to service locations in connexion points sewer storm water water electrical gas telephone etc.
  12. The owner is responsible to provide the and maintain suitable all weather access to allow for supplier delivery and trade vehicle access from the road to the house pad location as necessary prior to commencement of construction.
  13. The builder takes no responsibility for any structural issues or movement relating to existing structures retaining walls or fence the responsibility is to be borne by the owner.

The builder will take due care however accept no responsibility for any marks or damage is to the existing front concrete driveway and footpath area during the construction period.

Last updated December 19 2021