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Home Construction Companies In Brisbane

Finding the best home construction builders in Brisbane is worth the time and effort. Building your new home is an exciting journey, but it’s important to understand the full process of the build so you understand what you’re in for. That’s why you need to choose a local home builder you can trust and who is prepared to involve you in the construction process.

The best home construction companies take care of a new home build for you from start to finish. This is purely practical, as homeowners in Australia naturally don’t have the expertise or time to be on site. Nevertheless, a home construction company like Guardian Master Builders will involve you extensively in the process of selecting the best new home design and keep you up to date on the progress of your dream home.

It’s thrilling to watch a home come together and from early on you will able to begin imagining what your new living space will look like, including how you’ll utilise it and where you’ll place your furniture.Most people spend a lot of time working with their home construction company to design a home specifically for their unique needs and wants, so watching the construction unfold is very rewarding.

So that you can understand what is happening during your new home build, we have compiled an outline of the typical steps of the process that home construction companies in Brisbane will take during the construction of a new home.

Site preparation through to final construction

The first step is preparation of the construction site, where the foundation is poured.

Using specific machines, like a bulldozer, the building crew gets rid of debris like rocks and trees, so that the house has a clear foundation space ready. This step may also include the digging in of the septic system, if required.

After the crew flattens the earth, they then put up the wooden framework to serve as a template for where the house is going to be built. After this, the concrete is poured.Once the concrete is set, the building crew puts a waterproof membrane over the foundation walls and install any plumbing into the floor. The sewer drains and water taps are also installed at this point.

Since the foundation is imperative for a good build, a full inspection will then be completed by officials from the Brisbane Council. The inspector makes sure your new home build site is up to code and the foundation is installed properly. After they give the okay, your new home builder will start with the next step.

The next step is to build the skeleton of the house, also known as the shell. The floor, walls, and roof are completed and plywood or other sheathing is applied to the roof, windows, and exterior walls. The sheathing is encased in a barrier called house wrap that prevents water from getting into the structure and causing mould or rot.

Once the shell is complete, pipes, wires, sewer vents, water supply lines, shower units and bathtubs can be installed. The roofing and sides are also put in, while the electrical and plumbing contractors complete their work. All of the electrical work is run at this point too.

More inspections are usually done at this point. This includes the framing, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, which are all checked for construction code compliance.

Once this is complete, your home construction company will install the insulation. Insulation provides temperature control and comfort, particularly as it can get very hot in Brisbane. After this, the drywall is hung and interior fixtures are established. This is what makes your new house look like a home. Once this is completed, all the installation of the trimmings begins. These include paint, doors, decorative trims, vanities and cabinets.